Sling is now Sling by Toast! Learn more

Sling is now Sling by Toast! Learn more

Task management

Add tasks to shifts to keep your employees accountable and get things done!

Sling employee task management mobile app

Sling’s task management feature helps clarify everyone’s jobs during their shifts, ensuring employees are aligned on their to-dos and all tasks get completed on time.

If it feels that employee productivity and efficiency are lower than they could be, you are probably right. And since labor costs are some of the largest expenses businesses have to absorb, improving employee efficiency at work by keeping them aligned and accountable could return higher margins and increased revenue and help businesses grow. It could also result in better service to the customer and happier workplace for everyone.

Ensure all work gets done

Distribute tasks across your team and make it clear what needs to be done during each shift. Allow employees to easily access their to-dos right from their phones. Improve clarity, efficiency and your employees’ performance.

Be efficient assigning to-dos

Create, save and reuse task templates for recurring work, so you don’t have to start describing repeated tasks from scratch. Break work down into specific actions, creating checklists, so employees can easily meet expectations. Stay efficient and save time!

Reduce employee churn

Improve your team’s performance, work satisfaction and create a happier workplace for everybody by allocating and clarifying responsibility. Sling is there to keep employees accountable at work, but also to help them shine!

Drive operational compliance and staff engagement

Engage your employees in achieving business objectives in an easy-to-digest way, make work effortless and expected outcomes clear. Keep your business compliant, knowing all the standards are met, and help it grow faster, without stress.

Imagine ending your workdays with a sense of satisfaction. You can, and so can your team, not by putting more time into work, but by making more of your time at work.

With the task management feature on Sling, you can guide your entire staff in the right direction in a timely and cost-effective way, helping them stay more productive and supporting them in their daily work, while simultaneously leading your business towards better growth. It’s a no-brainer.

Create tasks and assign them to shifts.

Still thinking? Here’s what you get:

  • Keeping your employees clear and aligned on what to do everyday
  • Providing easily-accessible instructions right from shifts
  • Keeping your employees accountable and effortlessly following their work progress
  • Saving time by reusing task templates for recurring work
  • Keeping your organizational checklists up-to-date and consistent across all locations
  • Understanding employee performance and productivity better through reports

Sling Tasks is built on the basis of a SMART management theory, which stands for:

S – Specific | M – Measurable | A – Attainable | R – Relevant | T – Timely

As SMART recommends, employee work and tasks would need to be made specific and measurable while, also, attainable, relevant, and possible to accomplish during the working hours.

There are a few key ways to improve employee accountability and add to overall happiness at the workplace; and tasks on Sling enable those:

  1. Set performance expectations
  2. Provide performance feedback early and often
  3. Keep employees accountable on a daily basis
  4. Establish a culture of empowerment and trust
  5. Make consequences and rewards clear
  6. Get (a little more) casual and have fun – light design and emojis
  7. Communicate efficiently and effectively – free flow of information
  8. Establish collective values and objectives for the team and the overall business

Built for your industry

By automating processes and centralizing workplace communications, Sling can make just about any organization run smoother.

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