Sling is now Sling by Toast! Learn more

Sling is now Sling by Toast! Learn more


Accurate timesheets. Seamless payroll process. Approve, adjust and export.

Sling employee timesheet report

Approve and export timesheets in minutes

Pull reports as often as you want. Cut hours off of your payroll process by editing and exporting timesheets in minutes with Sling.

Analyze labor data

Quickly identify missed shifts, paid time off, overtime hours, and costs-per-shift from one central location. Track your labor costs to make smart scheduling decisions.

Track labor costs in real-time

Starting to go over budget? With Sling, you can track your labor costs as often as you like – be it the end of a shift, day, or midweek.

Set wages to track costs

Specify wages for each position or employee to see how much each shift costs and view the most accurate labor cost data in your timesheets.

Spot scheduling errors instantly

Sling keeps track of the details of every shift. Choose the filters you want to see in timesheets and quickly point out scheduling errors such as double-booking or unclaimed shifts.

View and compare sales vs. wages

View labor costs as a percentage of sales and set percentage goals. That way you can be sure to remain within budget with each payday.

Keep labor data at your fingertips and make educated decisions for your business

  • data chart

    Make data-driven decisions for your business

    Keep a close eye on hours, costs, and labor as a percentage of sales on Sling. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to manage each element and make the most educated decisions for your business. Whether you need to adjust staffing, have room to increase wages, or have to reduce overtime, you can monitor it all with Sling.

  • Customize with Sling

    Save money on your labor costs and improve your margins

    When you have Sling, you can save money by avoiding overtime and managing your labor costs. Our timesheets make it easy to see which shifts cost you the most so you can scale back and stay within budget. Whether it’s too much overtime, forgotten clock outs, or overstaffing, timesheets in Sling make it easy to identify the issue so you can solve it.

  • Spend less time in timesheets and on processing payroll

    Business owners and managers can spend hours each week on timesheets, working on payroll, looking for patterns, and building reports. With Sling, however, you can pull reports and export timesheets into payroll in minutes. View your labor costs as a percentage of sales to get an accurate view of how you’re managing your costs.

Take the guesswork out of your labor data

Take the guesswork out of your labor data by pulling reports for customizable periods, whether you want to check it every week or every day. With our easy-to-use software, you can view payroll calculations, employee availability, attendance, and time off requests to name a few. Want to see how much you’ve spent on overtime or how many hours each employee worked last week? You can do that too – and with the click of a button!

By pulling reports as often as you need them, you can stay ahead of your labor budget and up-to-date with your spending. When payday rolls around, exporting timesheets into payroll is just as simple as making them. Simply edit and approve sheets directly within the app – no third-party necessary – and send your timesheet directly to your preferred payroll provider.

Built for your industry

By automating processes and centralizing workplace communications, Sling can make just about any organization run smoother.

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