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Sling is now Sling by Toast! Learn more

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    Eddie Dyer

    Owner and managing partner, The Bulldog and Vessel NOLA

    Sling provides a consistent view of all schedules, both to all management and staff. It also allows us to predict labor costs, warn of overtime, and easily make adjustments. It not only has made us more efficient, but it actually saves time in creating the schedules.

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    The story

    Vessel is an exciting restaurant and bar concept in the heart of New Orleans. Within a year after opening, it has been nationally recognized in VOGUE Magazine, ELLE DECOR Magazine, JUST LUXE and even selected as Readers’ Choice Bar of the Year by EATER NOLA. The Bulldog is an award-winning beer bar with four locations; it’s been voted as the best beer bar in New Orleans for years.

    In the past, each of our managers was using a different format of an excel spreadsheet to build a schedule. It was difficult to access from both a corporate and staff level and was inconsistent in the ability to predict labor costs, if at all.

    With Sling labor costs have improved significantly because we now can proactively look forward vs. simply looking backwards to find out that labor costs were over budget. We use our forecasted sales to verify that labor will be within the appropriate range prior to the next week. Previously, we only knew that we would be over budget after the fact.

    Sling also helped with quality, because as an owner, I can quickly access a schedule and request changes before it’s too late. I’m most impressed with the ability to link all users seamlessly through the app, not only for scheduling but for communication. We use Sling as our only communication and scheduling system. And we are excited to always see new features coming out.

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    Kenneth Taylor

    Supervisor of the System Operations, Expeditors

    Sling drastically reduced the amount of time I spend scheduling. I post each team member’s weekly schedule and it replicates to future weeks. No more do I need to copy and paste schedules each month. Additionally, I can make updates from anywhere. This is critical for my team since it is runs 24/7/365.

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    The story

    About 6 months ago I began managing a team with a dozen members. We work 24/7/365 providing technical support for a global logistics company, and scheduling can be challenging, to say the least. Historically, scheduling was done using a variety of calendars (Sharepoint, Excel, or Word). All of these became cluttered very quickly, could not be adjusted on the fly, lacked visibility to those outside the office, and did not easily show shift overlaps. I immediately started looking for other options and discovered Sling.

    Sling gives me the ability to easily schedule an employee’s shift and replicate it to future weeks, no more copy and pasting! Sling allows me to filter by employee name, position, events, and more to reduce clutter. You can also look at month, week, or day schedules. The day view allows me to see how shift times overlap; this is key when team members are scheduled for vacation or call out sick. And speaking of last minute changes, Sling gives me the ability to view schedules from my mobile device.

    Now when I have a team member call out sick in the middle of the night or on the weekends, I can quickly open up the mobile app to see if I have proper coverage or if I need to begin making calls. My employees can also utilize the mobile app to view their own schedules, get shift change notifications, and much more.

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    Oliver Gerrard

    IT Manager, The Arches

    Staffing is a breeze. It is so simple, staff apply and we accept! It’s straightforward. It’s easy. It’s amazing. The support is better than any other company I have experienced - personal and incredible.

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    The story

    I found Sling when searching for a scheduling app due to the challenge employee scheduling has become. We are a wedding and events venue with casual staffing. On some events we need up to 35 staff and the method we were using before was just through texting staff and seeing if people were available. Trying to coordinate 35 staff is near impossible without something like Sling. Logical and beautiful user interface made it stand out over other tools we have researched.

    I was immediately impressed with the ease of use of the product and how effortless it was to set up employees on it. All the staff, even computer illiterate, were able to get a hang of Sling and use it within days without problems.

    I can’t even begin to estimate the amount of time and money that Sling has saved us – hours every shift! By allowing staff to apply and then accept, it makes the process of sorting an event so easy; and the ability to make adjustments to the schedule from a mobile app when things change is a lifesaver!

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  • Clients at a boxing gym working out

    Craig Thompson

    Business Owner, iLoveKickboxing

    Sling is a huge time saver! And it’s so intuitive to use - no learning gaps. I plan to implement it in all of my future locations. I have been sharing it with others in the industry too, and I don’t usually promote products, but this is just really good!

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    The story

    I have to say this product is amazing. I have worked with many scheduling tools in the past and Sling is by far the best!!! Sling is just much more user friendly and has a simple UI. Real people developed it or at least had their hands in the front facing aspects. People who understand the needs of small business owners, get the big picture, recognize that scheduling should NOT be a full-time job!

    We are a boutique kickboxing fitness studio with plans to open other 4 places in 3 years. We needed a solution that was cloud based and digital (so millennials get it), that could break down daily hours and labor costs, and make schedules clear and easily accessible to anyone anywhere.

    Sling met all of our expectations, saving time when scheduling and adding clarity around work hours for employees. It keeps schedules organized, simplifies communication and helps everyone stay informed with what is happening company wide.

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  • Owners of Larry's 2

    Ryan Middleton

    Owner, Larry’s 2

    By having a centralized cloud based solution we were able to provide a schedule that gave our team more control and flexibility without increasing managerial workload. In fact, by having employee availability, time off requests and the restaurants needs all in one location, we were able to significantly simplify the scheduling process for management.

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    The story

    Larry’s 2 is a family owned restaurant that has been operating since 1949. The average worker has changed over the decades, and we needed to keep up with the demand of a more flexible schedule as we were simply unable to achieve it with an excel schedule hanging up on a wall. That’s when we discovered Sling.

    Sling has drastically reduced management labor and miscommunication between staff. In fact, the staff loves it! They love being able to simply swap a shift with a coworker; and the manager approval process is so simple – we can do it in a single click on our cell phones.

    Sometimes, management needs to cover a shift with only minutes or hours to spare, and with a quick few clicks they can mark a shift as available and the entire department gets notified and usually someone will grab it. With Sling, the workload on making 10 phone calls to find someone to cover the shift simply disappeared. Plus, no one answers their phones anymore :).

    We plan to implement the time clock feature next. Being able to compare actual vs. scheduled hours in one location will reduce the work involved with comparing various reports as we do now.

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