Sling is now Sling by Toast! Learn more

Sling is now Sling by Toast! Learn more

Sling allows employers to pick features and adjust settings according to their region’s regulations.

  • Sling shift templates

    Shift templates

    For easier scheduling, and to ensure created shifts remain within labor compliance guidelines, you can save shift templates. The template menu allows you to drag and drop shifts anywhere.

  • Sling shift scheduling

    Advanced scheduling

    Share schedules with employees in advance to clearly communicate where and when people are working. Publish work schedules as much in advance as your business practice permits.

  • employee hours timeclock

    Total hours

    View employee hour totals for each week and ensure work hours are evenly distributed. Easily reference hour totals as you create new shifts so you know who is nearing overtime.

  • unavailability and paid time off

    Unavailability and PTO

    Enable employees to specify when they can’t work through recurring unavailability or one-off time off requests. Adjust settings so that requests are made as far in advance as your company needs.

  • available shifts

    Available shifts

    Provide employees with additional work hours by publishing available shifts instead of having to hire new staff. Decide whether application for available shifts requires manager approval.

  • shift history

    Shift history

    Track and easily access any consecutive edits made to a shift through shift history right on a shift modal. Keep an accurate record of when and by whom the shift was first published.

Time clock

Enable time clock to track the actual hours employees work and ensure just compensation. Enable or disable this feature for individual employees, depending on your company’s needs.

Timesheets help you keep track of actual hours employees work and compare them to the scheduled hours, as well as monitor whether employees are taking their required shift breaks.

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  • employee hours timeclock

    Preferred hours

    Indicate the maximum number of hours individual employees prefer to work each week in their profiles. If scheduling exceeds this number, you’ll get an alert, and can make necessary changes.

  • Sling shift notifications

    Shift notifications

    When assigned shifts are published, employees are notified in their Dashboard and enabled notifications (i.e. email, push). Likewise, employees are alerted of adjustments made to their shifts.

  • shift acceptance

    Shift acceptance

    This automatic function helps ensure that your staff have seen their new shifts and will be there to work them. Employees can accept or decline a shift depending on their availability.

  • Employee wages

    Employee wages

    Input base wages for various positions, and ensure that you are providing at least the minimum wage for your region. You can also set hourly wages per employee within individual profiles.

  • Holiday pay

    Holiday pay

    Enable holiday pay for days when employees’ shifts fall on public holidays and reimburse them justly for their work. View holiday hours separately in reports, timesheets, and payroll exports.

  • labor cost reports

    Labor reports

    View current and past data collected surrounding labor, payroll, time off requests, and attendance. Sling keeps records of your timesheets too, and makes all data easily accessible.

overtime alert Overtime alerts

Specify which overtime types you need to keep track of and avoid scheduling employees into overtime. Set weekly and daily maximums for a standard shift, and enable spread of hours and daily double overtime, if applicable.

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  • shift breaks

    Shift breaks

    Enable breaks for shifts and set their default length so you don’t have to adjust it when scheduling each shift. Indicate whether breaks are paid or unpaid and reimburse your employees justly.

  • shift swaps and offers

    Shift swaps and offers

    Give employees the ability to make their shifts available in the event that they cannot work. Permit staff to swap assigned shifts, or to offer shifts directly to a coworker with compatible availability.

  • print schedules

    Printed schedules

    Print a copy of the schedule from the schedule view to post in the workplace. Employees can print their own schedules as well if they prefer a hard copy to hang onto or do not have a smartphone.

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